Saturday, 7 June 2014

Bill Withers, a great guy !

What a great Documentary on the life story of Bill withers, What a guy, so grounded and unimpressed with fame.
So many "If you want wonderful, dont forget that on the way to wonderful you have to live in just you might as well get used to it, after all you might not get to wonderful".....also Sting said that Bill has the ability to be simple and yet profound.....A great guy...wrote aint no sunshine...Lean on me....Lovely day.....Grandma's hands....etc.....His wife said that Bill was very sensitive and also very strong (Something I believe is the way for us guys to go, or any human for that matter).
Artists like this are for me the true and genuine reflection of a do it for the sheer passion for writing the song....Bill was firmly against Producers who told him how they wanted him to write a song...telling him how long an intro should be.......Aint no sunshine goes straight intro.....He said it was hard enough to try and portray your feelings in a song without having to fit some supposed "guidlines". Its like the word that's being banded around so much these days... "Current" hear " I like it , its very Current"....How is that a reason to like something ?...In other words "I like it because its like everything else I've heard this week " ?...There would never be anything new if we all try to copy what is "Current"......This is one reason why if I hear that particular vocal inflection that many females are copying right now at the end of phrases I switch right off, know the one I mean....sounds like they have the flu....It was cool first time around,....but a million clones thanks. My message from all of this is ...Be true to yourself...and be yourself...then folks get YOU, and not some clone of someone else.

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