Thursday, 31 July 2014

Its a commercial world.....but life isnt commercial.

It was one of those hot, sunny, summer days, a rarety in the UK, but not this year. I was sitting in my jeep with my Staffordshire bull terrier "Diesel" aka "Diesyboy". A woman approached my open window and started talking to me like we were friends, and natural, talking about dogs and how she had seven rescue dogs to care for. This believe it or not made my day. It is the norm for people by and large to just walk past each other leaving a sense of you being in the way of their things to do. I pondered on this simple yet meaningful moment amid the mundanity of everyday life. The music business is very commercial....."you have to do this to get that"..."push yourself forward"...please the Producer guru's who will tell you how your music has to be if you want to be "somebody" or get anywhere.
                                 Life, real life is not commercial, it is what it is at any given moment. The lady who wanted to be herself with me today, chat, and smile about something we hold in common with smiles and laughter and cheerfulness wasnt asking for anything but just appreciating things for what they were. This reminded me of those people who tell me how much my music affects them and how much they enjoy it without any mention of "You have to do this to get that"no they enjoyed the moment of being with me for that four minutes of a song and it made them feel, like this comment I received from a listener on Soundcloud......
                                 "What wonderful things soundcloud turns up. This is quite beautiful and touching. For me, what makes it especially good is the way you are in touch vocally with the lyrics, those careful intonations are wonderful and the restraint of the voice to suit the delicacy of the sentiment is so well handled. Boy does that sincerety come shining through regarding the sentiment which propels this song, I love everything about it. I think that with heartfelt lyrics like this you cannot take the singer out of the song and I truly believe it has your character woven throughout, sorta like a signature underpinning everything. This is what gives so much strength to it, there is no plastic, nothing contrived or commercial about it,. I believe it conveys what a song should convey, sincerity. It's much like I'm present as you are talking to someone about something very special. Thank you for posting this and may I also say that your profile 'about me' is as poetic in a way as anything else I've read. I've been wondering lately why I bother to create things at all, and here I find my answer in your song, because it is just worth doing for its own sake, a form of self expression that may strike empathy with another human being. Well done Jason. A beautiful melody and it's what I look for in music, raw and meaningful. Best wishes".  Soloneili at 4.07
                                    At the end of the day we have to realise that yes Life has become very commercial.....But REAL
life and genuineness is not and will never be that way.


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