Saturday, 12 July 2014

Would you still do it ?

Would you still play, and compose and write as a songwriter if there was no outlet for your music ?
Would you get up in the morning with an idea in your head and write if it was only for yourself and a few of your friends and family ? I think that If you would then you are a genuine Artist who follows their passion no matter what. All too often now I see Artists who's main motivation seems to want to be somebody, a worldwide recognised Artist, a household name.
                       There is nothing wrong with wanting to be a household name, but at the end of the day
I firmly believe that the TRUE Artist has their passion in their bones and it has to come out. I can't help but still be so affected by the Bill Withers documentary that I saw on TV the other week. He found the fame part difficult and it was apparent that his love for music and writing is his main motivation and even said that he would write for himself if thats all he had. I can't help but respect that attitude, Its honest and true.  So..Would you do it just for you and a few friends ?

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