Friday, 18 July 2014

Music is....

Came across this today.
I think that pretty much sums it up. Music is a catalogue of emotional responses to life and the joy it brings and also the sorrow it dishes out too. My life has had its fill of the latter, and I am sure I dont stand alone there. What I still find remarkable is that there is always a great shout out about having a good time yet the most played songs of all time featured 8/10 sad songs. I personally think that we all like to feel that we are in touch with our feelings, and Music makes you feel.
          Why sad songs ?  Maybe its because there is an intensity that goes beyond just having fun, maybe those sad moments are the ones we felt the most impact with, after all we can only remember so many ice cream cones on a hot summers day and not one of those gave us a big lesson in life that molded and changed our thinking. Happy songs are great by the way, and I need my fill of those too.
          What do you think ?

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