Wednesday, 16 July 2014

My Inspiration

I have been asked on numerous occasions,.. "Where does you inspiration come from?"
So....I will attempt to explain.
I would have to say that my main inspiration comes from personal feelings attached to real life events. I also have to imagine things. If you only go by personal experiences you have to remember that a lot of life is filled with mundanity, so if you wait for something amazingly mindblowing to give you inspiration for a song, you might be waiting a long time, so I imagine , I imagine how it must feel to be in certain situations, I imagine different angles of that event as if looking through a symbolic Camera lens. My songs are all about feelings, so thats the angle I generally look from.
               For example..."Mr Angel", was a true life event from my childhood. Another song called "Drowning" was meant to capture the feeling of drowning and since that has never happened to me the imagination obviously comes into play, but I am not just talking lyrics, the music also had to make you feel like you were being enveloped by a cold deep sea.
                        As a Songwriter your life will mold where you "come from" with your creations and that's why we are all unique. A landscape Artist can give you an impression which can only be seen from his eyes, we can all see what it is but not exactly the way he sees it,.....Songwriters are no different. It is an immense privilege to be able to touch someone...make them cry....make them smile....make them feel... with a package often lasting under 4 minutes.

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