Thursday, 9 October 2014

The world.

We are in awe of it. Its nature, its magnificence its beauty. It also reminds us, especially in light of recent events, how vulnerable everything is. There are people who are intent on destruction and hate and violence. There are people who have little or no respect for human life whilst at the same time there are people willing to put themselves in very dangerous positions to save someone's life amid dreadful diseases.
I write and sing songs. I am no one special at all, just someone who loves life and would rather respect and preserve it, than destroy it, and regardless of whatever went on in the past with our respective histories,(often a mix of both good and evil acts) connect with people in a peaceful way.
I write and perform songs, that's all, but I am glad that I am involved in one of the beautiful things about human life, something Artistic, something that makes people feel, and feel in a good way.
          Music is a beautiful thing.


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