Monday, 13 October 2014

You can't argue with feelings.

Emotions are what they are. You can stretch them, they can be torn, they can be numbed, you can wear them out. I have always said that you can debate about many things in the intellectual arena...but you can never argue with feelings....raw emotion. I met up with an older lady last week, someone I had crossed words with. She didnt agree with me and I didnt agree with her. It became a heated argument, and why not ? after all she was criticizing my choice of dog breed and had clearly been taken in with the propaganda from the media.....The point is this....We both crossed that boundary which showed our true feelings. I believe that until people see how we feel, and see that passion, its difficult for them to be REAL in our company. Our meeting this time, just last week, showed a wealth of understanding behind the eyes, you know where you look at someone and you can see a difference but its nothing you can tangibly explain ? The barrier had been crossed and we are now friends even without having to aknowledge it verbally.
You can't argue with feelings. They are our true self without the social restrictions of cultural interference.

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