Sunday, 9 November 2014

 Precious moments.

I've been remembering that cosy afternoon as an 8 year old boy lying in my Grandmothers arms as we listened to classical music on the radio. The world was a different place then, world was a different place then. My parents both divorced when I was 3 years old, a protection for me as it happens. My mother was a danger to me with her uncontrollable schizophrenic episodes which were only lessened by constant electric shock therapy and doses of valium. My Grandmother was an angel, the most caring selfless person, who lived for the comfort of others. I was very lucky. I sometimes find myself sharing that sofa in my mind and close my eyes and listen to the same classical music. It is an attempt to find that 8 year old boy again and to feel the way he did at that moment,...some moments are precious to us as they mark a milestone in our lives. Treasure the moments. Life really is too short.

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