Friday, 17 October 2014

Distraction therapy.

Sometimes I find as a songwriter the need to NOT think about songs. Writing songs, for me anyway, can be an intense thing, so much so that a song I am working on can be in my head almost every minute of the day. For me I find things like browsing in antique shops can take my mind off music and just put me somewhere else for a while. I wandered into a great shop today in Ironbridge Shropshire, a place where I used to live some years ago. The name of the place is Ironbridge Antiques Arts and Crafts Centre (I have included details below) and straight away i noticed how this was one of those shops that had something for everyone. The prices were varied to suit everyone's pocket and so you weren't left with that feeling of "Should I be in here"?
             I saw one of those Tea pots my grandmother used to have, the one shaped like a cottage, and that put me back to my youth because my grandparent's reared me during that period, ok so my grandmother's never saw a pot of tea because it was full of things like elastic bands and paper clips and stuff, but that's not the point, I got to rest my mind from endless idea's and mental tweaking about music.
            The staff were friendly and helpful and the cafe in the shop gave me Coffee to help me on my way visiting what else Ironbridge had to offer.
             If you get to go to Ironbridge in Shropshire UK, be sure to visit, Its well worth it !
                        What do you do to get away from being too intense with your music or other projects ?

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