Saturday, 8 August 2015

Jason's tips for a live Singer songwriter gig.

I thought I would just share a few thoughts about doing live gigs as a Singer songwriter.
I usually base my gig on three things.
            1....Your performance
            2....Your Sound
            3....Your Audience.
                                  Lets take Performance first of all.
 You have a lot of control over your performance, and basically practice is the key word. I spend    hours rehearsing so that I know my material well, and also know the key parts in each song where you want to emphasise key phrases and emotion. There is no substitute for plenty of practice.
                                  Secondly, your sound needs to be good, and this can be a challenge depending on the room acoustics etc, but If your equipment is of a high quality you are giving yourself a great start. If you have a sound engineer hired or otherwise, make sure you have a good relationship with him and respect him or her for their capabilities.
                                  Your Audience really does matter, no really...Its not all about you. Your audience has paid to see you, and for this reason you should really bust a gut to give them a night to remember. Its also good to remember that your audience will be fans if they love you not only for your talent but because they actually love you as a when you make mistakes...and you one is perfect right ?...let them see someone who is capable of laughing at themselves and lightening things up....and then get back into the Zone of making good music.

        Its a wonderful privilege to be able to give someone an enjoyable evening after a weeks stress from what life throws at them. We know how that works from living in the same world.
  Interact with the audience, dont be afraid to "let them in" to  your world ..If they love your music they will know that when you play the next song its time to listen....but they wont feel that you think too much of yourself to be friends.
                                                            Have a great weekend !

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