Thursday, 27 August 2015

Singer Songwriters.

I absolutely love being a Singer songwriter, and realise what special company I am in. As singer songwriters we often live in our own musical world, and without the luxury of a band backing us and giving us a wall of protection. The stage is empty except for you and your instrument of choice, usually a Guitar or keyboard as you share your latest piece of yourself naked and exposed in front of your audience.
               I have read articles from famous musicians who went solo for a bet and how they said they would never do it again,...their most scary experience by far....yes that comfort blanket of having an orchestra or a team on stage with you is greatly noticed when you are a solo performer.
              However, the beauty of communicating straight from the heart, looking into the eyes of your audience, feeling and sharing moments that you both hold in common that you both secretly now know, is a special sharing that can only come from a work that was created from within yourself.
                A lonely existence but a meaningful one. I think most Songwriters I have come in contact with are very self motivated and glad to be independant and not shackled to anyone or anything that might change who they are. I think this set up was made for me as I understand loneliness only too well, and I'm not talking about the absence of people but rather the absence of being reached deep down where it matter's.  Maybe that's where we come in, the singer songwriters.....The voice reaching out from the darkness looking for an accomodating heart to say "Thank you, you dont know how much that song meant to me" we smile and think " I do"
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