Friday, 5 August 2016

Keep moving forward!

I decided it was about time I said a few words about this.....Moving Forward.
I guess it sounds like a completely obvious phrase but its so easy to just slip into a pattern of sideways comfort zone steps. When we have goals it is important to see them as short term and long term. We might have a long term goal in our heads but it usually takes a lot of short term goals to achieve it.
So how are you doing right now with your goals?  Do you feel that you really are moving forward?
Even small steps in the right direction are getting you there.
   The Internet is great for finding courses that suit us if we need to advance at something in order to achieve our long term goals. Check out what is on offer, see what you can afford (Some training is actually free!) Check out any reviews to see just how good thay are. Commit to it, see it through and then advance to your next step. Its all about being forward moving.
   My main goal which is a constant and runs parallel with the short term and long term goals is to perfect my craft at being a singer-songwriter. That means being concerned about the quality of what I do as well as the quantity, in fact the quantity of my songwriting isnt an issue for me, so obviously the quality is what I am always aware of. I have both short term goals which involve studying and learning from courses with the aim to fulfilling my long term goal of writing for Film and TV and Ads. . I am confident that I will do well at this and am therefore doing what it takes.
    So how about you?  What are your plans? and how is it going?
    I hope you have a great weekend and wish you all the best with your short and long term goals!

Summary check list

    1....Determine what your long term Goal is.
    2....What are the short term goals needed to reach it? (Establish)
    3....Get the help needed. (Search for courses, check reviews)
    4....Commit. (Just do it!)
    5....Have a strong work ethic.
    6....Dont give up.

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