Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Female Mixing Engineers

Female Mixing Engineers is a great blog where Females who are interested in mixing their own or others music can get some great advice and hot tips!
    Darcy Jeavons the founder of F.M.E, has passionately wanted to do this for some time now and is   looking forward to sharing any information which can aid in a great mix!
   Here's a snippet from her opening blog to whet your appetite:
          So, you love mixing music, and you have no Y chromosome. You are in the right place! Mixing, mastering, recording, producing, audio editing — these skills are not accomplished with anything below our belt line. We use our ears, our minds, and our hearts. The fact that most mixing engineers are males is just one of those things. Like the gender dynamics that existed in the medical field decades ago, when the term “doctor” produced an image of a middle-aged male with a smile and a stethoscope. But times keep on changing. Although we may still visualize a music producer or mixing engineer as a male in the framework of our mind, the access of affordable home recording and mixing technology is in the hands of everyone who wants to create music. Everyone. And I have a feeling that there are females out there who are rockin’ the Auralex off of their home studios. Ladies, this blog’s for you!
        Here are some links to get you started:
          There will also be podcasts.
          You can subscribe from the web page for regular updates.
           Have a great week!

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