Sunday, 15 January 2017

Do you need a change in thinking?

Sometimes in life we can't change our circumstances. When there is a situation we can't control and we feel helpless there is still one thing we CAN do. We can change our THINKING, the way we look at things. This has saved me on many occasions from sinking into a dark place. Take music for example and your perception of how well you are doing with your craft. Some folks get upset over not being seen enough, not getting enough views on you tube, or even facebook. I admit early on these things used to trouble me and I would take it personally. I totally don't now. If no one whatsover made a comment or said they liked what I did it wouldn't change how I view myself. Dont get me wrong I love the comments I get and I get some great comments, but when I dont, it doesnt get me thinking I'm past it or maybe I'm not worth anything, It would be no indication to me as to how well I was doing. I've mentioned before that I saw a 5 year old on you tube who's father was trying to get to sing.....she didn't...not a word. That video got 500,000 views. This is how fickle the whole numbers game can be. Conversely you will see many talented people getting 35 views or less.
    I spoke to a woman this week who told me "I didn't sleep at all last night"...I asked her "Are you worried about anything?"
She said "Yes, trouble in the family"...I said "Can you change anything?" She said "No its out of my hands"....So I said "Maybe you should keep yourself strong by being ready to support your family whatever the outcome is" If you cant change a situation, you have to change your thinking.
Modern life can screw you up if you let it. Whether its the media's perception of what "beautiful" is or its perception of what passes for talent or what doesn't. The celebrity world is NOT the real world, its tinsel, its glitter, its glam, and although there is nothing wrong with those things in the right setting, they dont represent whats real. Whats real is what YOU are doing. If you can see advancement in relation to yourself, that you are progressing, getting better at what you do then you are a success.
    There's one thing that no one can be, and that's you. If you want to survive the negativity, sometimes the invisibility, or the urge to stop in your quest for betterment, it may well involve changing your thinking, to survive.

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