Sunday, 27 March 2016

Words have power

I have been analysing things recently, mainly about words, be they complicated or very simple.
For many years Music has been a driving force for me when it came to songwriting, so much so that even very well known songs were lost on me as to what they were about.
      I would hear people discussing things like what the meaning was of "Lucy in the sky with   diamonds" a Beatles classic. I quite frankly didnt give a hoot what it meant, I loved the sound.
It must have been about five years ago now when I got in touch with my "words" side, which is odd to say the least because I wrote lots of poems very early on as a child and well into my teens.
     Words have power, and if you combine that power with music that moves you, you then have a   double enlightenment.
     I recently saw a post on a chat box regarding one of my songs being played on the radio (Barefoot), and he specifically wrote out a particular line he liked when the song ended and I instantly knew what it was that affected him.
                            What about all the comments we dont hear or see written down?
I have now made a point of reviewing my lyrics for even the most subtle of changes that might make a good song a great song, and I am amazed always at how often just one word can change the whole flavour of the song.
   I sang a song for a dear friend recently and she misheard my lyrics. We laughed and then I realised that what she misheard was in fact a big change to the song. That was the line I had repeated back to me on the chat box. Instead of the original intention being "I want everything that we can ever be" It was changed to "I want everything that we can NEVER be"  The whole song was now about a yearning for what you cant have as opposed to wanting everything you could have.
  There's no real point in being over analytical, after all we are songwriters not scientists, but giving your lyrics a bit more attention at the end might well be worth the time.
   Words have power....Music has power....together they can affect individuals lives and also the world.

    Oh and when I said making a good song into a great song ? That doesnt mean neccessarily a song that becomes a world wide hit. There are many great songs that dont get heard enough because they aren't commercial enough. I have been moved to tears by songs with very few views on You Tube and at the same time yawned at yet another copy of a copy of a clone.
    Have a great week !  :)

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